WordPress websites.

Hi! My name is Alina and I’m a WordPress web designer.
Why hire me?

I create professional websites at affordable rates. Perfect for small/medium businesses and startups.



Unlike many WordPress designers, I don’t just customize templates. I create custom design for each project depending on client’s vision, industry and audience.

Mobile-first approach means that I will first design your website for smallest screens and then adapt it for desktops. So it will work flawlessly on mobile devices.

Plus, I can do some cool CSS and Javascript magic to make your website shine!


Meta titles and descriptions, H1 and H2 titles, alt’s and load speed optimization – it’s all included in your website package.

Not sure what all this means and why it’s important? Get in touch to talk about this.


WordPress is used by millions, so a WordPress website is cheaper than a custom platform while being really powerful and flexible.

We don’t need to re-invent the wheel – instead, let’s focus on custom design and specific features your website needs.

Read more on what’s included in web development costs or see my rates.

Clear Communication

I know how important it is to agree on dates and deadlines, set out clear payment options and explain tech terms to the client. Your feedback on each web development stage also means a lot to me.

I see web development as a long-term collaboration between me and the client.