Why Layers?

There’re so many web designers out there. Why choose me to build your website?

6 reasons to hire me

  • Professional Skills

    I built my first website in 2004. I made my first website for money in 2005. I try to learn something new every day, be it HTML, CSS, Javascript, or UI/UX. Check out my LinkedIn profile for my skill tests.

  • Broad Expertise

    I’ve worked for clients from very different industries – transportation, fashion, beauty, recruitment, travel, education, wedding business. I know there’s no one one-size-fits-all solution for all niches, and I know which processes can be streamlined to speed up website development.

  • Personal Approach

    Bespoke design, clear communication, transparent pricing – you’ll feel that I care about your project! Oh, and I don’t disappear. You know what I mean if you’ve worked with web designers before.

  • Happy Clients

    Click here to read testimonials from people and companies I’ve worked with!

  • Positive Vibe

    Many of my clients believe I’m a nice person to work with. Maybe that’s because I love my job so much? I hope you’ll feel the positive vibe too!

  • Affordable Rates

    Last but not least – my prices are affordable because I’m registered as a micro business and I pay lower tax.

Why Layers?

Because I see website development as a multi-layered process and I’m committed to making each of these layers as clear and transparent as possible.

Skills and tools