Custom WordPress websites just for your business

Every time I start a new project I try to dive into the topic as much as possible. Who are your customers? What’s their behaviour on the web? How can we connect your new website and business software you’re using? How can we convert more visitors into customers? What are current web design trends in your niche?

Mobile First

With majority of site visitors viewing websites on their mobile devices, it’s absolutely necessary that your website works flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. Mobile-first means that I’ll start designing your website for smaller screens and then adapt it for desktops. Tip: avoid hiring anyone who charges extra for a “mobile version”!

Hosting setup

If you haven’t yet purchased a domain and/or chosen your hosting company, I can help you with that, including hosting purchase and setup, email boxes, automated backups, SSL and CDN.


WordPress comes with a simple and intuitive admin panel, but you might need some extra works to get done after launch. It’s also wise to update the plugins and core once a month or two. You can hire me for these works or I can provide short training for someone in your team.

The prices

Prices can vary greatly depending on the scope of your project. Please feel free to contact me for a more precise price estimate.

Landing page:
from EUR 350

Template customization:
from EUR 350

Business website:
from EUR 800

Online store (Woocommerce):
from EUR 1200

All packages (except Template Customization) include: custom design, image optimization for faster load times, clear communication with client via email or project management system, basic search engine optimization (SEO admin panel, meta tags, titles, alt attributes), help with hosting setup and CDN (if necesssary).

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Contact me to get a quote!