4 Reasons
to hire me

There’re so many web designers out there.
Why choose me to build your website?

1. Experience + Innovation

I built my first website in 2004. I made my first website for money in 2005. 15 years later, I’m still excited about web design.

I try to learn something new about web design trends, CSS, or Javascript every day.

2. Affordable Rates

A good website doesn’t have to be expensive nor do you have to hire a team of developers.

My rates are affordable because:

– I do both design and the tech part
(applicable to small and medium-sized websites)

– I’m a home-based solo freelancer so you don’t have to pay for my office or the sales guy’s salary

– I’m registered as a micro business so I pay lower tax

3. Personal Approach

You’ll feel that I really care about your project! Here’s why:

– I create custom design tailored to your business

– I hear your feedback and appreciate your suggestions

– I explain tech terms and try to avoid professional jargon

– I use a Project Management System for transparent communication on your project

4. Happy

I’ve worked with clients from United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Italy, Slovenia, Argentina and other countries.

Follow this link to read about their experience with me as a web designer.